Githens Center provides educational programming for pre-school students aged 3 – 5 and kindergarten through high school for ages up to 21. In addition, every student receives multi-disciplinary, intensive therapeutic interventions in physical, speech and occupational therapies.

While incorporating the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, NJ State certified teachers use integrated, multi-sensory, trans-disciplinary strategies, goals and objectives incorporated into each IEP for optimum classroom functioning.

The goal of the program is to provide a variety of instruction and experiences which meets the individualized needs of the students. Socialization, language and motor development are some areas of focus while cognition, communication, social/emotional, physical and self-care domains are addressed as well. Community-based Instruction is another component which extends the walls of the classroom into the greater community. Githens Center students also enjoy state-of-the-art technology to expand their communication abilities through picture exchange, sign language and augmentative devices.